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Our breeding program is located on our 6 acre farm on the western slope of Colorado. We are located between Grand Junction and Palisade Colorado. We are nested between a hay field and a vineyard, beneath a range of majestic book cliffs. 


We are licensed, inspected, permitted, and operate with the best interest of your puppy at heart. 



Prices can vary up or down depending on availability and exact patterns. However, our starting prices are:


Tricolors: $3250
Brindles: $2550

Bicolors: $1950


For your convenience, our prices already include sales tax.


How We Raise Our Puppies

We are involved with our puppies from the very beginning. We are present for the first breath of every puppy. Though we have excellent mothers, we take no chances and assist them in hand-delivering every puppy. All births take place in our home, where puppies live for the first 4-5 weeks of life. 


Once ready, puppies move into one of our nurseries where they are given full access to the indoors and outdoors at their discretion. Through this they naturally learn to go potty outside instead of inside. They also learn how to utilize a dog door. Though we do not directly potty train or crate train, the set up of our nurseries allow them to naturally develop their denning instincts and makes potty training and crate training much easier. 


We socialize our puppies from day one, starting with regular physical handling that is a part of our health checks and socialization. Puppies start their lives watching us go about our daily tasks and get used to the running of a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner.  


Our puppies are regularly socialized by our three and ten year old children. They are used to the presence of children and used to being handled and carried around by them. As a result with this socialization and the natural kind nature of Golden Mountain Dogs our puppies do famously well with children (we still always recommend supervision). 


Once our puppies move out to the nurseries they have access to the sights, sounds, and smells of the farm. They can also watch the horses, sheep, alpacas, cat, and adult dogs on our farm. The puppies get used to the presence and operation of common machinery such as vehicles, tractors, and lawnmowers as well.


All of our puppies come with:


  • A two year health guarantee 

  • Medicinal deworming

  • All age appropriate vaccines

  • Microchipping

  • 30 days of free puppy insurance 


We also include a litter-scent blanket for comfort, a bit of food to help with the transition to your food of choice, toy, and puppy guide to get you started on your journey. 


How Our Waitlist Works

We run a no-commitment waitlist. This means we don’t assign you to a particular litter in the future. We also understand that life changes as you wait and realize you may not be able to get one when it is your time. 


To get onto the waitlist you just need to fill out the "Subscribe Form" located on our home page. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email confirming your addition to the waitlist. 


We have puppies usually every few months. Since exact wait times vary, we’ll give you a current estimate after you sign up. 


When it’s your time for a puppy we will send you an email with puppies you may choose from. We believe owners should be able to choose their own puppy. Deposits are made as soon as a puppy is selected.


After you choose your puppy we will send you weekly updates, including photos and videos, until 8 weeks old when they can be picked up or delivered.



Our puppies go all over the United States. You are more than welcome to drive or fly in to pick up and we can help walk you the entire process.


For delivery we have our very own flight nanny service. We do not use a third part service. Our flight nannies are all personally selected to care for your puppy during the trip. Puppies fly with the nanny in the cabin to an airport of your choosing. We do not ship puppies as cargo. 


We also have ground delivery options for those within about a 5 hour trip or less. 

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