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Golden Mountain Dogs are a crossbreed hybrid of two breeds, Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Golden Mountain Dogs (GMD’s) are sometimes also referred to as Golden Bernese. 


They are known for being large and friendly family dogs. They are a rare crossbreed that is sought after for their loveable personalities and unique appearances. For those that can’t decide between the parent breeds they are an easy choice. 



Just like their parent breeds, Golden Mountain Dogs are incredibly friendly and social dogs. They are easy-going, quick learners, and want to be involved in your day-to-day family activities. 


Golden Mountain Dogs are very people oriented. While not as emotionally dependent as the Bernese Mountain Dog, they are still driven by human attention and affection. They are big people pleasers. Though they will alert like most dogs, don’t expect them to be great guard dogs. They are as friendly towards strangers as they are their own family. 


Like the Golden Retriever they tend towards being calm and confident dogs. Golden Retrievers are the most popular service and therapy dogs, and Golden Mountain Dogs have been known to also fill these rolls very well.


Since they are people oriented it is best to crate train them from a young age to get them used to their family being away at work and school. 


Family Dogs

Golden Mountain Dogs are social pets. They handle large families with children and other pets famously (though they bond well to one loving owner as well). GMD’s treasure children and are known to do very well with them. They want to be a part of the family and hang out on the couch with them just as much as go shopping or on a hike. 


They absolutely love other dogs and are just as social with them as they are other people. GMD’s have also been known to get along well with cats and other household pets and farm animals. Their prey drive is not as strong as with other breeds. 


Activity Level

Golden Mountain Dogs are a mid-energy level dog. They like to lounge and relax far more than a herding dog, but want to run and play more than a bulldog. They are as happy cuddling at home as they or on the trail.


Golden Mountain Dogs make wonderful moderate hiking companions and love to go on family adventures. However, if you’re planning on hiking a 14’er or going for a long run it is probably best to leave them home. Take them on the same adventures you’d take a child on and they will love you forever. 



Health is one of the main reasons Golden Mountain Dogs are bred. The genetic diversity from crossbreeding often leads to a healthier dog. Just like inbreeding can lead to a less healthy animal. This is a common practice in livestock breeding and is often referred to as hybrid vigor. Though crossbreeding is still rare in dogs because many breeders and registration organizations prefer to keep the purity of their breeds, there are benefits.


Unfortunately Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the shorter lived breeds, with higher than normal rates of cancer. The crossing with a Golden Retriever can dramatically help these problems. Golden Mountain Dogs have an expected lifespan almost double that of a Bernese Mountain Dog. 


The Golden Mountain Dog is still a young and rare crossbreed so exact numbers are difficult to come by. But the expected lifespan of a Golden Mountain Dog has been known to be 12 to 15 years. 



The coat of a Golden Mountain Dog is long, thick and straight. They shed as a normal dog does. They have moderate grooming requirements. A well and often groomed GMD has a soft and luxurious coat. 


Golden Mountain Dogs can handle the cold quite well. They can tolerate hotter environments but care should be given to keep them indoors when it’s hot out and not exercise them during peak heat times of the day. 


Color Patterns

One of the most unique things about Golden Mountain Dogs is their color patterns. The combining of their parent breed genetics results in three main types of patterns. 



Tricolor Golden Mountain Dogs have the most rare and prominent color pattern. Tricolors have a black base with distinct brown and white patterns on their face, chest, feet, and tails. This pattern is similar to that of a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. The patterns in Golden Mountain Dogs are not as consistent from dog to dog as they are in Bernese Mountain Dogs, making them each more unique. 



Brindle GMD’s have a similar pattern to those of bicolors (and on rare occasion tricolors), but they have brown brindling feathered throughout their coat. Brindles have the most unique and irregular coat patterns. Brindle patterns vary the most from dog to dog. 



Bicolor Golden Mountain Dogs have a black base coat with white patches on their chest, face, toes, and sometimes tail. The size of the white patches vary from dog to dog. 


There are a couple very rare variations of bicolors including solids and golden bicolors. Solids are bicolors with minimal white patches that are almost entirely black. Golden bicolors have a golden base coat like a golden retriever, with white patches like a regular bicolor. 



Golden Mountain Dogs are large dogs. Unsurprisingly they are somewhere between the size of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Golden Retriever. Males are usually larger than females. 


Golden Mountain Dogs typically weigh between 70 and 110 pounds and can be as tall as 26 inches. 


Are Golden Mountain Dogs right for you? 

If you are interested in a large friendly dog with a unique look and good health characteristics a Golden Mountain Dog would make an excellent addition to your family. 



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